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Port of Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Downtown

Sunset Beach

For the first time in Vancouver BC, Canada

 I got the chance this year to visit Canada. Yayyyy! Everytime I plan my visit to the United States I try to book everything early and decide what I want to visit when I get there. So this year I decided to go to Vancouver, BC. I booked a flight from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, BC, booked an AirBnB apartment in the heart of Vancouver, on Nelson Street which I would highly recommend for the view in the night and the fact that is very close to everything you want to visit.


I got to explore Vancouver, Victoria Island and the Butchart Gardens in my 4 days visit there. I would say it’s enough time to visit the main atractions.. there’s even time for shopping on Robson Street. I have to admit I “visited” Robson Street every night of my stay there. 😃


If you plan to visit Vancouver, I would highly recommend summer, cause from what I heard winters are kind of though there. I arrived in Vancouver at the end of May and the weather was good to me. Sunshine, but at the same time a cold wind. The first day I got there, I went to my AirBnB, checked-in and then immediately left to visit the Vancouver Lookout. You can see the whole Vancouver from the Lookout. It is very similiar to the Space Needle in Seattle so I wasn't so suprised with the view. If you've been to Seattle before, you will find Vancouver BC extremely similar to it. After the Lookout I went to the Port of Vancouver as I was trying to see much as Vancouver as I could. 


The next day I had a tour to Victoria Island and the Butchart Gardens booked so it was a full day. I highly recommend if you arrive in Vancouver as a tourist to go and visit the Victoria Island and the Butchard Gardens. It is totally worth it. Victoria is a small island, very British, not far away from Vancouver. You would have to take the ferry from Richmond to get to Victoria. The Butchart garderns are very impressive. You will get to see a Rose garden, a Japanese garden, a Chinese garden and many others. 


My third day there I walked around the Robson street which is full with all kind of stores, from Victoria Secret to Prada and in the late afternoon I took a walk to the Sunset Beach. The day was beautiful so I got to stay for 30 minutes on the beach and just feel the breeze in my hair. If you get hungry of thursty you should try the Beach Restaurant. Good food and a beautiful view. 


On my fourth day, walked around again, did some souvernirs shopping and then headed for the airport.


And that was my trip to Vancouver, Canada. Don't know yet if I would go back there. It was fun, I had a good weather, but I feel I visited everything I wanted!



Beautiful view on Sunset Beach

The Buchart Gardens

The Buchart Gardens

The Butchart Garden

The Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Garden

Victoria Island

Victoria Island