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Let’s talk about my addiction - perfumes

  There are some scents that just take you to a place or to a person. There are scents that touch your soul and every memory you have is awaken by the smell. A perfume gives you elegance and it can tell a lot about you. These are the main reasons I simply adore perfums. 

  My current collection of perfums include: Wish by Chopard, Funny by Moschino, Alien, Jimmy Choo, Bright Crystal by Versace, Black Opium - YSL, Beauty by Calvin Klein, Obsession by Calvin Klein, Magical Moon by Hanae Mori, Hanae by Hanae Mori, Poeme by Lancome, Sexy by Beverly Hills Polo Club, Hot by Beverly Hills Polo Club, Dreams of Romance - Arabian perfume, Happy by Clinique, Downtown girl by Calvin Klein, Paradiso Assoluto by Roberto Cavalli. More about every perfume on my instagram page:

   What perfumes do you use? What scents do you like?