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Walk of Fame

Los Angeles - The city that stole my heart

 I should start by saying that I would go back to LA anytime, no matter what...I simply adore this city; from the Walk of Fame, Madame Tussauds, Beverly Hills, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers Studios to the beautiful  Santa Monica beach. 

  I had the most wonderful 4 days  stay in West Hollywood, in a condo near Merlose Avenue. To get around LA, I didn't even dare to use the public transportation in such a big city, so instead I used Lyft for the whole 4 days while I was there. The traffic there is insane, so it took me two hours to get from the airport to West Hollywood. 

   I spent my first day in LA, walking on the Walk of Fame, visiting the Hollywood Madame Tussauds, the Dolby Theatre (the famous place where the Oscars happen) and in the evening I had dinner at a restaurant on Merlose Avenue which name I can’t remeber.

  The second day begun with a booked tour of LA which included a visit to the Walk of Fame, the Dolby Theatre ( again!), the Hollywood Hills (the tour guide took us to see the celebrities houses), the Hollywood sign and  Beverly Hills with a short stop on Rodeo Drive (the most expensive shopping street). I finished the tour at 5 p.m. so I had plenty of time to take a walk on the beach. I walked to the Santa Monica pier and tried the great lemonade and the tasteful cheesecake from Lemonade. 

  My third day was AMAZING! If you wanna feel like a kid, happy, without worries and free you MUST visit Universal Studios. My tour there began with Harry Potter’s castle and the ride which was phenomenal. I screamed like a kid in the ride and enjoyed every second of it! I just had a smile on my face that no one could erase it. Then took The Mummy ride which was kind of scary, but I also enjoyed it, mostly with my eyes closed. The Transformers ride was closed that day, but I still got the chance to take a photo with Optimus Prime. Cool, right? Spent like 5 hours at the Universal Studios and didn't even get the chance to visit everything. Since it was my last day there, I wanted to get the chance to visit the Warner Bros Studios too, so I had to rush there since the last admittance in the Studio was at 4pm.

  If you've watched Pretty Little Liars, the Gilmore Girls, Lala Land, the Ellen Degeneres Show, The Big Bang Theory, Friends  you shouldn't miss a tour on the Warner Bros Studios. I have been looking for Ellen Show tickets one month before I got to LA, but unfortunately the day I wanted to visit the studios Ellen had the day off, so no Ellen show, BUTTTT... I had the amazing chance to walk on the set of The Big Bang Theory. I got to see Sheldon's and Leonard's apartment and Penny's too. Happy! Happy! Happy! Afterwards I got the take pictures on the couch in Central Perk, the coffee shop where Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Monica and Chandler used to sit. 

  My day ended perfectly with a dinner at PUMP, Lisa's Vanderpump restaurant in West Hollywood and with a perfect ice cream as a dessert at the end.

  Los Angeles is the city I loved the most from all I got to see in USA! The city of angeles really, really took my heart and my breath away!








Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach

Optiumus Prime at the Universal Studios

The entrance

Plane crush - Universal Studios

If you are a Desperate Housewives fan, then you must recognize Wisteria Lane! at Universal Studios

Waterfront - a great show - Universal Studios

Harry Potter - Universal Studios

Warner Bros Studios

Central Perk - Warner Bros Studios

Alison's House in Pretty Little Liars - Warner Bros Studios

PUMP Restaurant - West Hollywood


Rodeo Drive - Beverly Hills